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How to enrol

Thank goodness this new program has finally come along, now you cant cheat. Applying and learning the road rules isn't just for your safety, its for others also.

A 6hr program is now in place because 30 questions does not give you the understanding of the road rules, READ the book, yes there is one (Keys to driving in Queensland) has 181 pages of good information, helping parents and students to understand the rules which assist you to feel safe, after all you do have over 1 tonne of metal in your hands!

Parents if a student is learning to drive PLEASE support this process by ensuring that they are learning the road rules, Do they watch you drive? or are they on their phone during this process?

As a seated passenger learning these skills is vital to driving.

Have you forgotten that cars are a lot faster than they used to be!

More people drive on the roads, and some rules have changed, or been introduced take roundabouts for instance.

The sunshine coast has a majority of grey nomads, so please BE PATIENT! Driving & considering others helps everyone.

Establish Driver Etiquette.

Stay safe, more on PREPL next time

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