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Are you a learner driver? Almost Test ready? Know how to be keeping other drivers safe?

Students who get driving lessons with Beachside Driving are more likely to have good driving habits, be safe and prepared drivers, have acquired skills over time to pass a test. Those drivers who don’t are more likely to over use their brakes, wear out a tyres and or a clutch more quickly and are more likely to fail a test, And do so for very good reasons,

  1. Take responsibility for your actions or inactions?

  2. Don’t blame the assessor it is your responsibility to be prepared, your not hard done by, you just haven’t showed the necessary skills, Or you weren’t capable of dealing well under stress. We can simply see it a mile away, Beachside Driving helps you to build the necessary skills.

  3. Do you know your rules,

  4. Are you being responsible, have you prepared yourself if you haven’t read the section about your rights and obligations, Rules, lines and signs! Don’t even drive till you do.

  5. Starting somewhere can be just watching others, observing hand movements, the way the steering wheel operates, understanding the accessories of one’s own car.

  6. We don’t all have cars that drive themselves yet! So YOU are required to make decisions that can and will impact others. Vision is everything do you look around you, yes I mean real life,….there is no real life screens in the real world a persons body does break, a car does dint,

  7. Hearing is just as important so listen to what is going on around you ? are you Listening for trucks, motorcycles, ambulances/ fire brigade, police etc this is necessary as is touching the wheel, and operating it like you know what you are doing.

  8. Your & other drivers loved ones are depending on you to apply good habits, driver etiquette and safe driving skills. This in turn keeps everyone safe. Treat others on the road how you wish to be treated.

  9. Pay particular attention to detail, make good judgement decisions and play fair out there.

  10. If everyone did stupid stuff. We would have driver chaos, and it takes a community to bing up a child it also takes a parent to make choices that others don’t have the commonsense to make yet.

  11. Learning skills is paramount to Passing a test, being a safe and prepared driver.

  12. If you snooze you loose.

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