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Keys2drive Lesson

Keys2 drive is a government funded lesson, (conditions do apply,)

it is not a lesson that I recommend to have early in your 100 hour driving experience and unfortunately some schools offer it as part of there deals, often having to be taken within months of booking lessons (read the fine print as many have been caught.)

BE AWARE keys2drive is really a preparation, just before P's program.

Throughout a students hundred hours, things do change, parents go from teaching & reminding to guiding and supporting their loved one to be the best driver that their child can be.

As a learner this comes with responsibility, firstly know your rules!

Keys2drive informs you of statistics and potential situations that you need to be aware of when driving with others (peer pressure) & when alone.

It can help you to find solutions to questions and includes creating agreements of co operation between supervisors and the learner.

Ps Parents choose to help their children, so BE GRATEFUL!

Its all about safety and not just about having a P'Plate only goal.

What it is a 30min discussion and then a 30min on road drive.

I thoroughly recommend it later in learn to drive journey.

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