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Prep L & Keys to Driving In Qld rulebook.

Learning to driving isn’t just about doing 6-9 hrs online, you can throughout your 100 hrs be reflecting & refreshing your rules, it is like doing an assignment,

doing so your gathering information,

to help you to be knowing your rights and obligations which is part of being a responsible road user.

Therefore your abilities to be reflecting on the rule book is a must.

The keys to driving in Queensland downloaded from the PDF is free or hard copy can be purchased for approx $15.90.

Watching videos, from the above site will be helpful to get your information from the correct source, as second hand information isn’t always completely correct. Being present and focussed whilst driving can mean life or death. FYI

Clutch plates wear out if not used correctly costing more than 10 driving lessons.

Stay prepared, safe and be skilled, as your and other people’s lives depend on it.

🚦🚗🚦😀🙏 We look forward to assisting many young learners or adult students transitioning from Learner to Provisional Drivers.

Call Joanne 0403686028

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