Your FIRST 1hr Driving Lesson

Your FIRST 1hr Driving Lesson

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Is this your first driving lesson?

Beachside Driving has Auto or Manual?

Get tips on how to drive safely.

Cannot be used as a pre test or evaluation lesson. 

  • Return Policy

    By using this service you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. We do update regularly so any new or revised info will be subject to the arrangements and therefore you must rescedule  and pay within 24hrs of lesson, we require text to advise your proof of payment. with your name 1st initial and last x1 (1st) Gift Vouchers must be discussed so we may design to suit your occassion also 24hrs prior.

    24hrs must be provided for a cancelation as we do not refund. Meaning total cost of lesson is charged.

    We all have commitments and cancelling to drive not only impacts your instructor, (having to find someone else but others who attempted to book at the time (Yes they wanted your spot) but went elsewhere and also those who are being contacted to try and fill your spot.

    Responsibility: We are not responsible for your decision to change your mind. i.e. if you have an eye or foot injury this is the only reason you do not take a driving lesson.

    Payments and bookings by bank transfer BSB 923100 ACC 32007408 Joanne Fleming ING

    If paying by square (credit visa or debit card) you must call prior 0403686028 or leave a message of your intention, you must provide your name in the comments box and when your Ideal date if available) of when you would like to start. (1 week 2 weeks )

    Cash is only available by discussion first



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