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Listening is a skill, when new to driving it can be for some a difficult time to hear fully. There a

Did you know your parents are not obliged to teach you to drive, they do so lovingly and freely kindly giving of their time.,when giving of their time they are not trying to say they are an expert but they do know a lot more than you do at this stage of your young driving life.

BEING PREPARED IS EVERYTHING, and most young drivers are unprepared for the unexpected.

When new to driving it can be for some a difficult time to hear fully what a parent or supervisor is saying.

Being clear, and open to learning is the key. A closed mind cannot learn.

Pulling over and asking them to repeat what they said or having a plan before you leave helps you both to better work on driving and any manoevures.

There are ways to help you develop better listening skills,

1 is not back chatting,

2.not yelling at each another,

Truth is they are supporting you to achieve your goals, and as a support person, they have your back so if they are asking you to slow down or stay in the lines its because it is necessary.

TRUST is important and learning to trust each other is the key.

Stay safe and be patient


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